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At Commodity Futures Services, we believe that alternative investment strategies are integral for investors, plan sponsors and trustees to construct portfolio returns that will meet long-term actuarial and strategic objectives.

Traditional portfolio construction techniques and their return expectations are in serious need of diversifying long term expected returns without increasing total portfolio risk.

We believe our method of investing can help position investors attain the crucial positive returns they need. Most importantly, we can do this regardless of general market direction.

Commodity Futures Services, LLC is a U.S. based investment and research consulting firm. We are dedicated to the highest professional standards in the field of quantitative investing. Entrusting us offers many advantages:

  •  Managing Partner and associates have over 50 combined years of trading experience and developing proven quantitative investment methods.

  •  Mentoring from some of the best and largest in the field of quantitative investments and statistical analysis.

  •  Access to a unique and world class investment process.

  • Non-correlated results to traditional investment methods.

  •  Transparency of investment with superior liquidity and fee structure.

  •  Investors educated about our strict and automated guidelines of risk.

  •  Available estimates of our potential upside expectations and our downside loss levels of acceptability to meet our long term goals.

  •  We do not tolerate or accept exacerbated losses of capital. All risk is measured and volatility of performance falls within our expected estimates.

  •  Client confidentiality is a priority.

  •  An organized infrastructure and strict automated processes for growth.

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