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Investment performance

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Performance shown is gross unless otherwise noted. The gross performance considers all costs incurred at portfolio level (e. g. trading costs) and assumes reinvestment of any distributions. Costs incurred at customer level such as management and performance fees are not included.

Because clients have different fee arrangements and depending upon the timing of a specific investment, net performance for an individual client may vary from the gross performance stated herein. Actual returns will vary among clients in accordance with the terms of the pertinent investment management agreements. Investment returns


and the principal value of an investment will fluctuate and may be quite volatile and depend, among other things, on the tax treatment of the personal circumstances of each investor. In addition to exposure to adverse market conditions, investments may also be exposed to changes in regulations, change in providers of capital and other service providers. Investors risk loss of their entire investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


References to indices contained herein are solely for the purpose of comparison to certain industry segments. Reference to indices are for comparative purposes only. Investment holding times may vary significantly from the investment that comprise the index above. Past performance of an index should not be construed as an indicator of future performance of your account.

Forward looking statements

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Illustrative purposes only

Examples of our processes and any other ideas presented herein are for illustrative purposes only. There is no guarantee that Commodity Futures Services will acquire a position referenced in such examples or ideas or that any such position would be profitable.